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Tarzan and the Onbreekbaar (Chapter 2)

DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of fiction. All the Tarzan-related characters depicted in the story belong to and are copyrighted by the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs or their respective owners. I do not own anything.

Tarzan and the Onbreekbaar (Chapter 2)

"Coy Banton." Tarzan said as he saw Coy Banton cockily standing a few feet in front of him. It has been roughly five years since that fateful day when they had that grueling fight. Tarzan remembered how exhausted he was when he did the last uppercut that knocked Banton unconscious. On that day, Coy Banton 6'5" and 190 pounds had gone toe-to-toe against the 6'3" 240 pounds Tarzan in an hour long back-and-forth match through jungle, waterfall, rocky riverbed and back to the jungle with neither warrior relenting to give the other triumph. Tarzan gave all his strength and skill on that match and so did Banton. Banton dished out all the scheme and cunning he possessed against Tarzan and endured the jungle hunk's brute might. The battle could have gone any other way until Tarzan delivered the final blow. Tarzan was ecstatic and relieved that he prevailed, he bellowed his jungle yell then with the last drops of adrenaline pumping his veins and collapsed on his knees panting. It took half an hour more until Tarzan was able to pull himself up, tie Banton securely and bring him to the authorities who sentence Coy Banton to Onbreekbaar for life. That was five years ago.

Tarzan had thought that Onbreekbaar would reform Coy or at least weaken his evilness. It was one of the reasons the jungle champion had thought when he agreed to come and visit Onbreekbar's reformation process. But Tarzan was wrong, deadly wrong as Coy stands now before him, more muscular than ever, bigger than even Tarzan! Tarzan looked at his opponent calculatingly as Coy did a double biceps pose mocking the jungle hero.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tarzan and the Onbreekbaar (Chapter 1)

DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of fiction. All the characters depicted in the story belong to and are copyrighted by the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs or their respective owners. I do not own anything.

Tarzan and the Onbreekbaar (Chapter 1)

Tarzan's muscular and bronzed 6'3" 240-pound body and dark hair shone in the sunlight as the jungle champion emerged from the thick forest canopy to observe the ranger station below. The jungle champion saw a parked jeep with the emblem of the Onbreekbaar. 

Onbreekbaar is an African island prison, one-of-its-kind - renowned for its strict security and for the high-profile criminals imprisoned there. Situated  three kilometers off-the-coast, the man-made island was built through slave labour in five years. Treacherous waves surround it, offering no solace nor freedom to anyone who dares breakout from it's walls. In fact, no one had escaped from the prison since its inception a century ago. Many had tried during it first decades but all of the attempts failed and the jailers would always make example of those with failed escapes by impaling their bodies in the central ground for all the prisoners to see. Lurid tales of beatings, rape and torture surround the prison and even the hardened criminals fear being jailed there.

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Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle (A Revised Version) By Chip Masterson

This site has mostly host my work and my cybermatches, roleplaying as the jungle champion, Tarzan. But, from now on it also host fan fiction I have come across in my years of scouring the internet and different mailing groups in search of Tarzan fan fiction in line with my tastes. Some are quite easy to find, however, others are slowly disappearing on the web and I feel obliged to preserve them by making them again available for everyone to read and appreciate.

Again, these brilliant works of fan fiction are NOT my work but of someone else's intricate imagination. I have tremendous enjoyment in reading them and I hope someday their authors will dish more Tarzan fan fiction for us to consume.

P.S. If you are the author of the fan fiction and you do not want it to be shown here just notify me ( and I will remove it.

One such fan fiction is Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle (A Revised Version) by Chip Masterson. There are actually two versions of this a hot, and a hot and gory one. I prefer the latter because tend to be inclined to read Tarzan against a brutal and very powerful opponent. Enjoy!

Tarzan vs Man Beast (therocktarzan vs dsquashu1)


Tarzan: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAHHHHHHAAAHHHH!!! Tarzan bellowed as he pumped his proud pectorals. Making his way on the ring of the jungle, the mighty Tarzan's hard muscles bounced. Some challenger called the Man Beast (6'4 "  269lbs) has issued to fight him. The crowd grew silent in awe as they watch thier champ walk confidently and entered the ring. Tarzan did a double biceps pose showing his 6'3" 240lbs 50c/34w/20biceps/28quads musculature for everyone to relish and savour. "Where is this Man Beast?" Tarzan asked "Is he scared of the mighty Tarzan? Haha!" the jungle hunk finished

Man Beast: Everyone hears an elepant roar---the turn and see me riding on top of theis mamoth grey beast---its fucken trunk in the air and mouth open as it lets out another elephant roar---i am fucken sitting on top of it. Flexing and bouncing my mighty pecs---i have in my hand a dress---start waving it as I enter the clearing---I shout---this is for Tarzan Queen of the Jungle---gonna have him fucken wearing it when I beat his wild ass---with that I dismount from the elephant and make my way to the ring---hairy, muscular and pumped---I am only wearing a skimpy thong made of leopard fur

Tarzan: Tarzan is unfazed by your threats. Many men have hurled insults and threats to the jungle hunk but none had succeeded. They all went home defeated and humiliated at the magnificence of Tarzan. It will be the same for you Man Beast! Tarzan will demolish you and humiliate you. Make no mistake. The two of you face off on the center of the ring, man-to-man. Tarzan's muscles are flexed and ready to counter any move you could muster. Your see his broad chest and six-pack abs, the wide strong shoulders and tapered lean waist, the thick thighs and muscled calves.

Tarzan vs the Warlord (therocktarzan vs privatecrusher)

Tarzan: Tarzan (6'3" 240lbs 50c/34w/20biceps/28quads) faced you in the middle of the jungle clearing as your message have indicated. The two stare at each other as the wind blew in the grassland. "Who are you and why have you challenged me?" Tarzan asked

The Warlord: "I'm Warlord (6'2, 250lbs, 49c/36w/22biceps/29quads)!!, conqueror of seven tribes!!   No white man such as you has any claim in this land.  I will crush you."  The sun shines down, glinting off the solid ebony muscle of the Warlord as he stares in your eyes.

Tarzan: "Then you will suffer Tarzan's might as so many of the other warriors." Tarzan uttered as he started the combat. He charged at you like a lion head-on and tackled you to the ground. The two of you stumbled to the ground and Tarzan manuevered himself to straddle you: sitting on your chest and pinning your arms with his shins. He started punching your face. PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH!

Tarzan: ARGHHH!!!! Tarzan knew he must escape the hammerlock before you twist them too much and render them useless. He used the elbow of his free arm to strike your eyes and chin. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The blows dazed you Tarzan managed to manuever himself out of your hammerlock. You're a grappler, Tarzan estimated your abilities and he knows he must counter it. He will fight you like a boxer. Tazan nimbly stood up as you do too. In lightning speed, the jungle hunk charged again with straight punch in your solar plexus! PUNCH!!!!

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Tarzan vs Zar (therocktarzan vs lraybj)

Zar: African warrior is looking for Tarzan. 6'3",240, 23" ceps,34 waist,50" chest, 28" quads. Zar – he is the most feared warrior of his tribe

Tarzan: AAAAHHHHHHAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAHHHH!!! Tarzan's jungle yell echoed in the area. He grabbed a vine and swung to where Zar is confronting the african warrior who has been looking for him. "Zar! I am Tarzan. Why are you looking for me?" the jungle hunk asked

Zar: My tribe tells me you have been not allowing them to hunt in the jungle. You have no right. 

Tarzan: "They can hunt as long as their hunt is not for poachers. I have confronted your chief about it and he had agreed to limit your hunt. Are you defying his orders?" Tarzan questioned

Zar: I obey no one's orders. i am the one who gives the orders. my warriors will hunt where i tell them too.

Tarzan: "Then you leave me no choice but to teach you a lesson, warrior..." Tarzan's voice trailed of as he flexed his muscles ready for the combat that is about to happen

Zar: I f that is your wish apeman. You will feel my african warrior power.

Tarzan vs Matt (therocktarzan vs nymphetmatt)

Matt:  My name's Matt. I guess I could wear t shirt, black jeans and shoes but I can take my shirt off eventually. I'm 5'8, 161 lbs

Tarzan: Tarzan spied you from the treetops. He recognized you as the son of the tycoon at to destroy the jungle. Perhaps, he could reason with you to convince your father to stop his plans. Tarzan bellowed his jungle yell. AAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAAAHHH!!! He grabbed a vine and swung landing a few paces in front of you. "You are the tycoon's son! I am Tarzan, protector of this jungle. I urge you to convince your father to stop his plans or he will suffer Tarzan's wrath." The jungle hero spoke his voice deep and regal.

Matt: "The heck!?" I say in a surprise tone as soon as I hear Tarzan's trademark scream before he landed in front of me. "Nahh, dude, you gotta be more convincing" I smirk while taking a few steps toward the huge kind of the jungle. "Besides, why on earth would I do that? My father and I will make a lot of money when we destroy this trash you call home."

Tarzan: "The you leave me with no choice boy but to arrest you" Tarzan said. In a flash Tarzan dashed at you and delivered mutliple uppercuts to your stomach! PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH!